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Zayet and pertners is an Egyptian legal institution that contains a group of distinguished legal partners with long-term practical experience over twenty years in all branches of law.

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About Zayet and partners

20 Years Of Experience In Law Solutiuons

Zayet And Partners Is an Egyptian Legal Firm That bring Together a Group of Distinguished Legal Partners with Long-Term Practical Experience with Over Twenty Years in All Branches of Law We Have Been Keen on Integrating Throughout the Institution, And We Have Had This Experience Through Hard Work on Many Cases and Legal Files Professionally for Many Companies, Individuals, Entities and Local and Intonational Economic Authorities. Also, We Have Prepared Legal Opinions on A Number of Drafted Laws That We Are Recently Submitted to Parlia¬ments. We Always Strive to Make Achievements and Successes in Managing Our Clients' Legal Files, And Taking All Measures to Avoid Risks in All Legal and Governmental Transactions at The Local Intonational Levels and All This Is Conducted Through a Selection of Lawyers, Consultants and Legal Researchers. The institution is characterized as being one of the legal institutions with international standards, as it has a group of legal partners with high expertise, it adopts the institutional approach and its work does not stop or end for any reason, unlike the sole proprietorship that depends on one person, as legal institutions guarantee continuity of all legal work and cases according to the highest level of services. We are also proud that we have resolved judicial and administrative disputes for many of our clients over the past few years with a value of (exceeding one billion Egyptian pounds). We are always happy to be closely associated with our clients, as we provide early legal solutions and legal ideas based on deep research and great interest in all the details of their legal files. We often hear from many of our clients that “they have not been previously presented with the legal solution that we provide tothem.”

Zayet and partners is a distinguished full-service law firm with the knowledge and experience required to ad- dress the opportunities and challenges faced by our clients in important and growing industrial sectors in Egypt, and around the world. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality professional and personal service through our lawyers and team members working collaboratively across all of our offices and practices in order for our clients to achieve their goals.
We will continue to provide the best, efficient and responsive service by bringing together, experienced and retaining talented lawyers and team members dedicated to excellence in client services, while maintaining a collaborative, diverse and inclusive environment, which provides opportunities to drive business growth and productivity. We will deploy our resources, including technology advances, to support our lawyers and team members in their work on behalf of our clients.
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We ask all of our lawyers and team members to commit to our missin and to implement our vision in accordance with our values, which are:


Doing the right thing’ is not just a common phrase for us, it is a primary guide for all of our actions


We grow by developing and adapting to new tools and ideas to drive efficiencies for our clients

Collegiality and Collaboration

Our people are our greatest asset. We maintain a culture of decency and friendship and genuine respect, appreciation and caring about each other, and that includes actively and consistently promoting and encouraging help-seeking and self-care

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workplace brings different perspectives, yielding more creativity and better results for our clients and our Firm. Our environment will be free of all forms of discrimination and also celebrate the broadest possible spectrum of viewpoints, backgrounds and beliefs


We believe and appreciate the full trust of our clients in us so, we harvest all our points of strength, our scientific and practical knowledge and research the best use for it to serve our clients best.



establishes companies, whether stock companies or individuals; amends MOAs; manages companies legally, merges and liquidates them and fulfills the Needed actions; registers trademarks and patents, licenses of medicines and cosmetics, applies the competition protection law and prevention of monopolistic practices, and grants full legal protection for real estate developers, blueprints, and real estate and buildings licenses, performs shipping and aviation; and prepares due diligence assessment for companies in cooperation with the rest of the departments in the organization.


litigation department is divided according to the type of case: Civil case department, commercial case depart­ment, state council department, criminal case department, commercial and civil arbitration department, labor affairs and social security de­partment, family and personal statues depart­ment, tax department, forced execution and debt collection department.

Real estate

registration department: performs all real estate registration procedures, commercial and real estate mortgages, and all authentication procedure

Department of public relations and administractive affairs

Department of public relations is headed by a fo1mer brigade in a security authority, and the role of this department is communicate with the administrative authorities and assist in caITying out the institutions work.

Our service


Moataz Zayet


  • Advocate at the high appeal and the estate council
  • Member of the Arab Lawyers Union
  • Member of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration
  • PhD researcher at the department of criminal law
  • Master's degree litigation and dispute resolution
  • legal advisor for many real estate developers
  • legal advisor for many economic, financial, and commercial entities and individuals